Chocolate Tart Filling , Thermomix

As it’s been school holidays here in Australia, it’s taken me over a week to get back to posting my Chocolate Tart Filling! Here it is, and in time for Easter. Though I suspect with chocolate eggs everywhere, a different filling may be more appropriate.

220g dark chocolate, I used Cadbury Old Gold 70% cocoa which gave it a very chocolatey semi sweet/ bitter flavour. More of an adult taste. My hubbie loves Old Gold chocolate so I tend to use it a lot in my recipes. I usually use the Cadbury Original Old Gold, but for something different used 70% cocoa this time. Hubbie loved it. Kids found it not sweet enough. Essentially you could use any chocolate. Dark chocolate imparts a more chocolate flavour. However that being said, I think next time I will try a milk chocolate just to see how it turns out. I will let you know!

300g thickened cream

1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste,

2 eggs, lightly beaten.

Preheat oven to 160 degrees fan forced or 180 degrees conventional oven.

Place chocolate, broken into small pieces, into TM bowl and grate for 5 to 10 seconds on speed 8. Add cream and vanilla paste. Cook for 2 minutes, 50 degrees, speed 3. Pour a small amount of chocolate mixture into beaten eggs, mix well and then add back into chocolate mixture in TM bowl. Mix on speed 6 for 5 to 10 seconds until combined well.

Pour into prepared pastry shell and bake in oven for 18 to 25 mins .

Note; this recipe has no added sugar which I love . However if you prefer to add some caster sugar at the same time as adding the cream this will be fine. How much sugar you add will depend on your tastes. If I made this tart for children I would definitely add some sugar.

I sprinkled icing sugar ( confectioners sugar) lightly on tart/s before serving. A spoonful of icing sugar put in a sieve and sieved over tart lightly. Voila . Bon appetit.