Raspberry Curd Tart

After baking the Thermomix Almond Pastry, I decided to fill it with Raspberry Curd

For Raspberry Curd, you will need,

300g Raspberries. I used frozen and thawed them first.

zest and juice of 1 lemon.

6 egg yolks

110 g butter, cut into cubes

170 g sugar , or perhaps a little less if you prefer. It was quite sweet with 170 g sugar, but tasted very nice. However next time I will try using a little less sugar.

3 teaspoons water.

Place raspberries and water in TM bowl and cook for 2 mins, temperature 60, speed 1, to allow juices to erupt.

Add all remaining ingredients. Juice of 1 lemon usually equates to 2 or 3 tablespoons of lemon juice.

cook for 10 mins, 80 degrees, speed 3. Voila, delicious.

I topped my tart with fresh raspberries. Even those who don’t like raspberries enjoyed it. I think because it was quite sweet, even my children enjoyed it. Having said it is quite sweet, it is not too sweet, the taste of raspberries well and truly comes through.



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