Custard Biscuits.


I found this recipe for custard biscuits on I love custard flavour so thought I’d utilise it to experiment with my new cookie stamps. I have adapted it to the Thermomix.

250g softened butter, cut into cubes.

90g pure icing sugar,

3/4 teaspoon vanilla paste or I teaspoon vanilla extract, I used the paste.

220g plain flour

75g custard powder.

Preheat oven to 180degree C and line two baking trays with baking paper.

Put butter, icing sugar and vanilla in TM bowl and mix on speed 5 to 6 for 1 min or until well combined. It may be necessary to open lid and scrape down sides with spatula and then mix for a further 20 to 30 seconds.

Add flour and custard powder and turn to closed lid position and pulse on turbo 2 times until mixture comes together. Don’t over mtribe cause then biscuits won’t have a fine texture.

Roll into balls about size of walnuts and put onto prepared baking trays, a couple of inches apart.

I tried stamping them at this stage but the mixture was too soft and sticky and just stuck to the cookie stamp. So I put them into the fridge for 30 mins and then tried again, this time putting the cookie into a little plain flour to stop sticking. This worked much better.

Then into the oven for 12 mins or until lightly brown.

I think next time I may experiment with this recipe using less butter! Perhaps 220g instead of 250g. Although the stamped words held their shaped reasonably well , perhaps less butter may be better. ( and for health reasons too- we could all use less butter/ fat in our diets!)


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