Pâté Sucree (4 th post)


Remove from fridge, remove plastic cover. With a rolling pin, roll out on a clean floured surface or Thermomat. Work quickly, avoid kneading and handling too much as this will toughen the dough. To prevent sticking, and to form an even thickness, often lift dough and turn it around in between rolls. Because one arm is stronger than the other, this permits even pressure to be applied to all areas of dough, and also prevents dough sticking to the surface if the light amounts of flour are frequently reapplied to the surface. Be careful to use only enough flour to prevent sticking as too much flour will upset the balance of ingredients.

Pastry should be rolled to approximately 3 mm thickness and be nice and even.

Carefully put pastry into lightly greased with butter,tart tin,or individual tartlet tins. Ensure that base is tightly pressed down in the corners to prevent shrinking of pastry shell while baking. See photos


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