Well I had a fun day learning the art of tart making at Savour Chocolate and Patisserie school in Melbourne this week. We made tarte au chocolat (just wanted to add a bit of French), lemon tart and caramel pecan tart. I have always enjoyed making and eating tarts. I was once well known within my small social circle for making lemon meringue pies frequently. Lemon Meringue Pie, or LMP as it was abbreviated to back then, is really a tart with meringue on top. I personally prefer lemon tart to LMP as I am not a huge fan of meringue, its too sweet. Having said that, I do adore macrons. I think the fact they have a flavour and are not just a sweetened fluffy egg white contributes greatly to their appeal. I get very excited with all the different flavour macrons available. I have done the level 1 macron baking course at Savour too. And after that I played around in my kitchen baking different macrons. Some were successful and some were not. I found that making them took up a large part of my day, getting all the ingredients prepared and to the right temperature etc. And with all that, to find some were just flops, even though I had been thorough in my preparation and measurements, disheartened me. I haven’t given up entirely, they are just in the too hard basket for the moment. 

Anyway I have digressed……I  prefer making tarts. I am going to do some experimenting and creating in my kitchen, and I hope to soon post some more tart recipes created in my wonderful Thermomix. My experimenting wont be limited to tarts though……


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