Mix and Magic Lemon Tart (Thermomix )

PATE SUCREE.(A classic French pastry which literally means “sweet pastry” and  is ideal for sweet tarts and pies)

150g plain flour

60 g cold butter, cut into cubes,

2 egg yolks,

40g to 50g caster sugar, depending on taste. I prefer it not too sweet so I use 40g.

3 teaspoons iced water, approximately.

Place flour  in TM bowl and mix for 3 sec on speed 6 to loosen (easy way to sift)

Add sugar, butter and egg yolks and mix 5 sec, speed 6, mix should be just combined.

Set dial to closed lid position, add water and knead for 10 to 15 seconds on interval speed to form dough.

If necessary to JUST bind dough together, add a little more water(1/2 to 1 teaspoon).Don’t over mix, another 3 to 5 seconds on interval speed should do the trick .

Dough should just come together, it shouldn’t be too sticky and moist. Too much water contributes to shrinking of pastry.

Turn mixture onto a lightly floured surface and knead lightly to form a smooth ball, then flatten, cover in plastic and put in refrigerator for  30 mins or longer. This “rests” the dough and helps prevent shrinking in the baking phase

Remove from fridge and remove plastic. With a rolling pin, roll out onto a clean, lightly floured surface. Work quickly, avoid kneading and handling dough too much as this will toughen the dough.  To prevent sticking, and to form an even thickness, often lift dough and turn it around in between rolls.Because one arm is usually stronger than the other, this permits even pressure to be applied to all areas of dough and also prevents sticking by lightly reapplying flour in between moves. Use only enough flour to prevent sticking, too much flour will upset the balance of  ingredients.

Pastry should be rolled to approximately a 3mm thickness.

Carefully put pastry into tart tin. Ensure that base is tightly pressed down in the corners to prevent shrinking of pastry shell while baking.

Cut a sheet of baking paper about 5 cm bigger than tart tin. Line pastry with baking paper and put rice or baking weights onto paper. This is called baking blind.

Bake for 10 mins in a 180 deg C or 350 degree F. Remove paper and rice and cook a further 5 to 10 min or until lightly browned. cool.



4 egg yolks

110g caster sugar

125g butter,cut into cubes

zest and juice of 2 lemons.

Place zest of lemons into TM bowl and blitz on speed 10 for 10 seconds. Scrape down sides and repeat again until zest in finely grated. Rest aside in a clean bowl.

Rinse and dry TM bowl.

Add egg yolks and caster sugar, mix  10 seconds on speed 6, scrape down sides and mix another 5 seconds.

Mix in TM bowl on 60 degrees, 2 to 3 mins speed 3 until sugar is dissolved.

Add butter,zest and juice of lemon.

Mix 5 mins, speed 4 , 80 degrees. Mixture should have thickened nicely. If not continue for a further minute on 90 degrees speed 4

Pour mixture into the pastry shell.

Cool in refrigerator. Top with fresh raspberries and lightly sprinkle sifted icing sugar on top!


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